U.S. War with Mexico President's Announcement to Congress

Monday, May 11, 1846
United States

Horace Greeley, the famous newspaper editor, warned his readers: "Your rulers are precipitating you into a fathomless abyss of crime and calamity". This reminds one today of the head of the Arab League's prophecy that the 2003 American invasion of Iraq would open "the gates of hell" in the Middle East. Abraham Lincoln, after calling out President Polk, was crticized and ridiculed for his stand, including by his fellow Whig politicians. It was later revealed that Polk had indeed lied to Congress.


Abraham Lincoln, a Whig congressman in 1847, publicly challenged the lie asserted by the pro-slavery expansionist President James Knox Polk, when he declared in a message to Congress that "American blood" was shed by Mexico on "American soil". What is known as the "spot resolution", Lincoln requested to know the exact "spot" on the map where Mexican soldiers killed Americans. After all, President Polk was calling on Congress to declare war. More info